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What makes Lamborghini the Most Revered Car among Hollywood Celebs and Sports Enthusiasts

The breathtaking designs of Lamborghini models mesmerize many and remind about the fighter jets. Isn’t it? From Pope Francis to Kanye West, David Beckham to Pierce Brosnan, Justin Bieber to Kim Kardashian, Akon to Mariah Carey, Cristiano Ronaldo to  Janet Jackson, there is an endless list of Lamborghini owners. 350 GT, Miura, Countach, LM002, Diablo, Sesto Elemento, Huracan, Aventador, Estoque, and Terzo Millennio are the world-renowned models known as the powerhouses, nothing less than supercars. Recently, the Aventador is supercharged with a V12 hybrid, transforming it into a semi-electric segment. 

Lamborghini – Outstanding Features
A variable valve control system, 12.5:1 compression ratio, 90 degree cylinder banks, multiple driving models including sport, normal and corsa, razor-sharp headlights, active aero technology, aerodynamic spoiler, utmost track performance, howling V12 soundtrack are some of the outstanding features that turn Lamborghini into a road-worthy sports machine …