Lamborghinis Splitting in Half is Boon or a Bane?

In recent years, people have seen many Lamborghini crash videos where the car has split in half. You see Lamborghini's tail going away from the body and in some cases, the front losing its hinges. Well, Some people thought it is a defect in Lamborghini parts that might be weak that are making the joints lose their strength during the crash and hence splitting the car in half. This was a conspiracy around Gallardo parts, Huracan parts, and Aventador parts.

Huracan Parts

But later on, it was found out that Lamborghinis are actually designed to split in half in case of a crash. Sounds weird, right? But, it can be true. It's actually a safety feature to protect the people inside the car. That's in the crash reports as well. The drivers were able to walk away from the crash safely. So, it's not a defect in the Lamborghini parts, Gallardo parts or Huracan parts. It's a plus point of their parts.

The doubt arrived when nothing official came from Lamborghini about this. But, if we look at the structure of the car, these speculations sound true as well. From an engineering point of view, there is evidence present that shows the car splitting feature actually turns out to be a safety feature. But, how does it depend on the impact of the crash, that data is not available because there is nothing official.

We would appreciate if somebody can dig deep into it and try to look at the science behind it. Because if it is true, then maybe other companies can also follow this structure manufacturing and make the cars more safe for the riders. If this research can save someone's life, then why not do it. It's worth the time and effort. The theories have reached this stage just after judging Gallardo parts, Huracan parts, and other Lamborghini parts.

Share your thoughts in the comment section and if anybody is willing to do research on it, you are most welcome.


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